What Google programs is a Virtual Assistant familiar with and how are they helpful for Property Management Company

Being a Property Management company using a Virtual Assistant, you really need to take advantage of what Google for Business can offer you. There are so many opportunities that you can locate online that makes everything easy with just one click.

The Property Management business is very demanding! Everyone is trying to get a hold of you and it may feel like there is not enough time in the day.

You need to organize the items that are essential for your success. If you are always on-the-go and constantly multi-tasking, incorporate technology tools that provide you a great solution.

Here are the Google programs that the VA must be familiar with and these programs are the most helpful for Property Management.

The Google Apps Suite, which includes tools such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Forms, can very helpful to run an efficient property management company.

Google Apps That Are Very Useful In Property Management Company

1. Gmail

Email is an absolute necessity for every company. You need a reliable email provider to communicate with the owners, tenants, and vendors.

Here are some benefits of using Gmail:

The ability to integrate with Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is Google’s instant chat feature which can also include video. This is very similar to Skype for communication and can be used for video conferencing and screen sharing. It helps keep group communications organized. Have as many groups as you want for different subjects or departments.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar can help you improve communication and efficiency in your property management business.

The following are some benefits of Google Calendar:
  • It’s easy to sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, and other similar programs.
  • Reminders can be set up for events and then be texted or emailed to you.
  • Nice to know that Google Calendar can be used to send meeting invitations.
  • You can use Google Calendar to keep track of meetings, appointments, birthdays, and so on.
  • Scheduling showings for your field agents can be an easier task as well!

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is part of Google Apps and it offers convenience, considerable storage and easy access from mobile devices and computers.

These are the benefits of using Google Docs for your Property Management company:
  • Store your work on the cloud.
  • Ability to go mobile. (It’s on the go! It has apps for both iPhone and Android)
  • Ability to collaborate with remote workers.

This is one of the best features of Google Docs. It gives you the ability to share the documents that you are working on with remote employees and co-workers. It can even show you who is responsible for each edit through the color-coded functionality. So if you’re planning on hiring a virtual assistant , this is a great tool to use. You can also see work being done in real time within the document.

4. Google Drive

This one is equivalent to Dropbox and one of the favorite features of Google Apps because you can store all of your Property Management files on Google Drive; you always have them available wherever you have an internet connection.

The following are some benefits of using Google Drive:
  • The ability to back up your files.
  • Maintaining a proper file management system for your Property Management company can save you time that can help keep everything organized. You can store all your standard forms on Google Drive for quick and easy access.
  • It gives you the ability to open and edit documents.
  • From Adobe Suite files to spreadsheets and Microsoft documents, Google Drive gives you the ability to open any file type as well as it is convenient.
  • It has search functionality.
  • This Google Drive is efficient like a built-in search engine. It allows you to search based on various metrics. For example, you can search by owner, by keyword, file type, etc.

5. Google Sheets

You can actually use spreadsheets to better manage your properties but Google Sheets offers a Template Gallery that lets you search for your preferred template.

The following are some benefits of Google Sheets as a property manager:
  • Common formatting options are available.
  • It’s nice that you can improve the look of the spreadsheet in any way that you like. You can alter the font size and style, apply number formatting, and change any kind of colors of your preference.
  • Formulas can be created to perform automatic calculations.
  • You can create formulas to perform calculations. In addition, it has an extensive list of built-in functions to use. Very similar to Excel.
  • Accessible via offline
  • Offline editing is available for Google Slides and Google Docs. This feature right now has been added to Google Sheets.

6. Google Meet

Makes managing online discussions and scheduling very easy. To use it, you must first have a G Suite account.

Benefits of using Google Meet:
  • It enables you to record meetings and save them on Google Drive.
  • You can join a meeting directly from a conference room, through your mobile device, or desktop computer.
  • Connect with your teammates from anywhere!

7. Google Forms

It has the ability to create surveys. You can use tenant surveys to evaluate your tenant’s experience with their rental property, the maintenance, community, neighborhood, customer service, amenities, and management.

Here are some benefits of using Google Forms:
  • Allows you to create different sets of questions that are based on prior responses.
  • You can choose to get email notifications when someone fills in a Google form with their responses.
  • Forms that you created via Google Forms are mobile friendly, tenants can send their responses from mobile phone browsers.
  • Through the use of Google Apps into your property management company’s standard operating procedures, you’ll be on your way to achieve efficient performance.

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