Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help an Office Manager with Administrative Tasks for a Property Management Company

When it’s time to check on your property management company’s options to increase efficient manpower, what exactly is the best choice to go with? Usually, companies look for talents by posting jobs on recruitment websites in the hopes of finding their next pick, but what happens when you don’t find the right candidate from your local market? 

Since the internet allows for countless opportunities to go virtual, this is where property management virtual assistants come in. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide administrative services to clients while working outside of the client’s office. These dedicated VA’s might work offshore, but rest assured that they work inside your normal working hours and even outside depending on your business’ needs.  As a manager, you’re looking for someone who can easily multitask. Efficiency is one the strongest suits of a virtual assistant, especially when handling administrative tasks. These VAs have the right amount of training and experience to help you handle all office-related tasks in just a click. 

To start off, you have to understand the virtual assistants’ strengths and capacity as a professional in order for the company, and ultimately you as the office manager, to utilize them effectively. Below are some of the best ways your virtual assistant can help you with administrative tasks:


As an office manager, it’s not going to be a surprise to see hundreds of unopened and unreplied emails in your disposal. From leads and showings to work orders and invoices, it can’t be helped that sometimes these emails get overlooked especially when there seems to be so much going on at the moment. By properly delegating the task to your VA, they can follow up with answering these emails, summarizing the important details to you in a single message, and clearing up your inbox without the fear of missing out. VA’s are highly trained with inbox management, research, data entry, event planning, and more. With the knowledge of using all the tools in your email, VAs can schedule the right time for your emails to be sent, and label your messages from high to low priority lists. 

Got no time to create a meeting? Virtual assistants can also help you in that. Besides your work emails, they can also manage your calendar and create events and tasks that dictate your daily routine. They can also help in following up with any of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly appointments, and get you up to speed in any scheduled video conferences that you may have.


In today’s digital age, it’s not difficult to store your files online whether it be your letters, statements, invoices, or receipts. The problem is how you organize them efficiently in a way where you can access them with ease. Virtual assistants can help you sort these files and effectively categorize them to make it well-ordered and suitable to your liking. They are trained to navigate commonly-used cloud storages like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or any other app that your company is using.

Virtual assistants can also help you convert your files to whatever format you may need them. By being flexible, you can definitely rely on these well-rounded, tech-savvy VA’s when it comes to storing your documents.


The core of a property management company is in its property management software. The system makes it easier to coordinate with all the functions such as accounting and billing, leasing, maintenance and repair, as well as tenant, vendor, and owner management. With an administrative virtual assistant in your disposal, working with the company’s property management software should be easy. These VA’s were trained to handle different softwares such as Buildium, AppFolio, Propertyware, MRI Software, and more.

Using the features of the property management softwares, virtual assistants can aid managers in controlling, organizing, and executing the day to day activities of rental properties.


Marketing is undoubtedly one of the strongest pillars of property management. It is vital so that vacancies are replaced with occupied units, which is the main purpose of a property management business. It is imperative to follow up with any applicants, and interested owners who want to put up their properties for rent. Virtual assistants, albeit working off-shore, can help managers in answering important calls and emails from prospects. They can follow up the leads and answer questions regarding the rental properties, and they can also schedule applicants, real estate agents, and other property managers with the help of the property management software. 

Virtual assistants don’t stop from there. They can also work on creating graphics, flyers, or website designs for advertisement. Some of these VA’s can write blogs and articles to be published in the company website, and promote the business on social media. Virtual assistants understand the importance of a good marketing strategy to boost sales, therefore are qualified when it comes to handling these types of company affairs.

Property Management comes with a lot of tasks. These come off as stressful, and need to be balanced in order to achieve growth and success. But by working alongside the right virtual assistant, not only will these tasks get done, you’ll also have ample time to focus on more important things without getting sidetracked.

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