How a Virtual Assistant can help manage incoming and outgoing phone calls

Property Management Assistant can definitely help you answering calls and handle inbound inquiries, and simply take a certain message and send emails for some details. You have the right to have your Property Management Virtual Assistant answer calls during office hours, or you can or even have them handle the phone for you while you’re having a meeting or an important matter to bear with. Totally you’ll be able to completely have and gain flexible time on your own.

It always means that you don’t need to be worry that you must be available 24/7 and monitor your phone, it exactly means that you can have it on the go from any hassle, background noises worry no more and less distractions, escaping with your ultimate hangouts with the family is very easy now, less stress thinking about taking business calls and even more.

Incoming Call Receptionist

Hiring Property Management Virtual Assistant that will take care of your properties will help you get free time. You can also focus on your lead generation if you want it to handle on your own or to seek for additional property investors. You can also give your assistant the responsibility to screen applicants for you to have well smooth transactions and a good future tenants that will help your business on its success.

Handling all aspects of phone calls is a must to your Incoming Call Receptionist for some aspects like scheduling, showing purposes to your future tenants and some follow ups that surely consume a lot of time.

What does your virtual assistant do for property managers?

Most Property Management Services in the USA require you to be 100 % to be on  the pace of 24/7 since a tenant’s calls unexpectedly that you can’t even stop since it’s in your premises to attend to their concerns and issues. That’s why  most property managers require having a reliable VA that can handle all types  of phone calls to process. They are the ones who’ll act as the front desk for  property management companies.

Reasons why property management or landlord hires VA’s that will handle all  types of calls:

  • Maintenance concerns
  • Back end support when staff are out of their required office hours or whenever they are out on the property for showing.
  • Leasing calls
  • Updates tenant’s overdue balances
  • To lessen the oversight handling of lateness
  • To track tenants rental due dates
  • Reminders for tenants (either update for the lease or rental amount)
  • For Application process
  • For Lease renewals
  • Follow up calls for existing tenants
  • Available Property inquiries for prospects
  • Applicant’s verification process (either employment or rental history)
  • Screening applicants ( like doing a background check on how they are as a tenant)

Most property management assistants train according to what property management services totally need in their business like the basics of  customer service with overall performance and being dependent on how  detailed the property manager giving instructions to their virtual assistant as well, however the most skills that a certain VA must have is common  sense.

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