How a VA can help with maintenance coordination and vendor follow up?

Nowadays, to become relevant, successful and competitive in running any business, it is all about understanding the importance of productivity and efficiency. In other words, it is all about focusing on the strengths and making a significant contribution to growing a business, while outsourcing and training the right people to take care of the rest.

Maintaining the property is vital to your business. You don’t want existing tenants complaining and potential tenants being disappointed by the appearance of the property. The property assistant manager will help ensure that requests for repairs and maintenance work are acted upon immediately.
The virtual assistant will not be on-site but they can take calls, emails, and direct messages regarding various concerns. The VA will record each request so that the property manager can review them and refer to them in the future, if necessary. The virtual assistant will also forward the request to the professional tasked to do the maintenance or repair work.

VA’s automatically forward maintenance requests, create work order and make a schedule and follow up to vendors and maintenance team in order to attend the issue immediately. You will not worry about what if that maintenance professional is on vacation or too busy to respond on time? VA’s are the ones looking for other contractors in the area that will help fix the issue. Their research may also help you discover contractors offering lower prices. Amazing deal!

Virtual Assistant can help you saves time and make sure that you remain responsive and flexible with the schedules of prospective tenants. You’ll be more efficient in less time.

VA’s allow you to spend more time doing the things you love in your business. They can remove the smaller, time-consuming tasks and allow you to focus on more of the big picture.

That’s why, a property manager with a dedicated virtual assistant can double the number of properties they manage. Yes. DOUBLE.

A virtual assistant for your property management company is a great way to save money and give you some extra time to focus on what matters. Property management virtual assistants may be proficient in various property management tools and systems. Having said that, how fortunate is it to know that these real estate VAs can be versatile enough to the property management company’s needs? Moreover, VAs can adapt to your time zone, so they can accomplish the tasks at hand right when you need them.

Having a VA promotes a better work-life-balance. Most property managers have forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend, let alone a fun work environment. Fortunately for property managers and property management business owners, VAs are here to help you save time, money, and sanity! All the urgent tasks can now be accomplished within the required time frame, without having to burn out and buying yourself under the tasks that may get out of hand. You also minimize the risk of errors in documentation and can get an ample amount of time to focus on not just your profitable activities, but also nurturing your client relationships. Moreover, you get to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones, guilt-free!

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