How a VA Can Help a Property Management Company Provide Great Customer Service to My Clients

The Importance of Customer Service

Just like any other establishments and businesses out there, top-notch customer service is the key towards generating more marketing and sales opportunities. The consistency of meeting customers’ satisfaction can lead to regular and loyal clients who can make the company grow to its full potential.

 There are many different ways on how a satisfied customer can bring more revenue to a company. To name a few, an article published by Amaresan (2020) stated that customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition. It was mentioned that a 5% increase in customer retention equates to an increase in profit of 25%. The reason behind this is that regular customers are inclined to spend more with your brand with less operating cost.

Property Manager Assistant

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What is the importance of Customer Service in Property Management Companies?

In the field of property management, landlords opt to hire property management companies for many reasons, but one of the important factors is for better customer service. Some landlords own multiple properties which makes in-depth client transaction difficult to manage. This is when property management companies do their magic. Good customer service leads to happy customers and happy customers refer others. Perhaps this is one of the heights of good customer handling, they are more likely to spread the goodness to friends, family, and coworkers which could generate more leads.

Most companies employ virtual assistants since this is a period of technology and automation. Virtual assistants are best at client service since customers’ needs are properly addressed on a personal level, while using technology for assistance. Here is a list of how virtual assistants help a property management company provide great customer service to their clients:

1.Email handling

In this world of modern technology, email and online transactions became the medium of the ins and outs of most businesses. A skilled virtual assistant proves to be very beneficial when it comes to email handling since they cover inbox management. They organize important emails which makes answering queries more efficient. Aside from this, addressing customer complaints also becomes easier since emails are screened and sorted; the essential ones are prioritized first. In this way, customers are well-entertained and no emails are left unattended. A fast response makes your customer feel important, which is the most important attribute of a good customer experience.

2.Effective communication skills

Being an effective communicator is one of the qualifications of being a virtual assistant. They undergo multiple training sessions to successfully address and respond to queries in a simple and direct manner. Oftentimes, virtual assistants are provided with pre-set templates but being articulate is still necessary to clearly convey the message. There should be no room for misunderstanding or alteration of messages since it can potentially lead to conflict and complaints from clients. In an event where conflict does arise, effective communication skill is a crucial factor to guarantee that the situation is resolved in a respectful manner.

3.VA’s undergo extensive training regarding Property Management

Virtual assistants for Property Management aren’t only experts in communicating but they are also properly equipped with knowledge regarding Property Management. VA’s undergo extensive training based on the field of work they are specifically assigned to, such as accounting, financial, IT, law firms as well as real estate.  Virtual assistants are trained to answer incoming phone calls and listen to clients’ requests and take accurate notes. After assessing the requests, they will then delegate the issue to the appropriate member of the team to address the concern.  Despite being remote workers, virtual assistants are thoroughly prepared to perform well in a specific company they are allocated at.

4.Social Media Management

Virtual assistants work in a remote location, so they are also capable of managing a company’s social media account. This task is a part of a company’s marketing strategy and is greatly effective in finding more prospects. Virtual assistants can create social media profiles and maintain them on the long run. This involves curating content and images for posts as well as interacting with audiences on various social media channels. They also create and manage social media campaigns and other time-intensive social media task so the company can focus on the core business activities.

5.Round-the-clock Availability and Flexibility

No matter what time of the day it is, virtual assistants are readily available to do their work in shifting schedules, most especially foreign virtual assistants. Hiring foreign VA’s gives companies a chance to attain a remote worker that operates in a different timezone (Pundora, 2021). In this way, the time difference will enable companies to have staffs that can work even when everyone is asleep, therefore increasing the company’s productivity. 

Virtual assistants are also very flexible. They can be hired through contractual basis during peak seasons or only when needed. This means that companies don’t necessarily need to keep them during dormant seasons, which is very convenient and can greatly save on the operating cost.

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